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Protecting Your company Against Identity Fraud

Protecting Your company Against Identity Fraud

Today, many businesses are facing a huge threat daily. One of which is identity fraud. Identity theft is a case of impersonation where an identity of a person is stolen without their knowledge. Anyone’s identity can easily be stolen and used for fraudulent purposes so there are no really specific category of people affected. It […]

Making Your Company A Dormant Company

Uk Doman Company Benefits

Dormant Companies and Non-trading Companies are the same thing, working as a standard limited company that does not trade or have any accounting transactions. They are registered with Companies Houses but are not performing any kind of business activity or receiving any form of earnings/income. Another situation where a dormant company may be useful is […]

ABC on Starting a Profitable Business

Starting a Business in London UK ABC

Having a business idea is one thing, starting the business takes another form entirely. The job of an entrepreneur is to see a problem (could be human resources, legal, sales and marketing, intellectual property protection, financing, liability protection, and more) and it is the responsibility of these entrepreneurs to solve these problems. So, any service […]

A Sole Trader’s World

Sole Trader’s World in Uk

The world of a sole trader is a pretty unique one because it is an individual adventure of personal business enterprise. Sole trade is considered as the oldest and most commonly used form of business organization. Having an individual business, believe it or not is the dream of some entrepreneurs. Many would rather have sole […]

5 Biggest Obstacles Every Entrepreneur Faces And How To Overcome Them

Becoming an Entrepreneur in 2021

Have you ever ask yourself what are the biggest obstacles Entrepreneur face before starting your own business? Every single step we take in life, comes with its own challenge. It is how we respond to these challenges that would determine the outcome, whether it be positive or negative. There are many reasons an Entrepreneurs could […]

Benefits of Limited Company over Sole Trading

company Formation in uk

What are the benefits of a Limited Company and why you should know it. A business organization exists in different forms. And knowing the right business path to venture in is very important and we will be discussing on how establishing a limited company is beneficial over a sole trading company. So let’s take a […]

Go Big With Digital Marketing in 2021

Website Design in UK

Moving With Digital Marketing Trend in 2021. What have you envisioned for your business? Have you ever dreamt enlarging your horizon but have not gotten the platform to do it? Is your business registered? Imagine a world when you need to know someone to become someone especially when you are a young starting entrepreneur or […]